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Jinqiu Jiuding crossing eight contained, surmounted castle industry

Date:2016-10-19 08:53

Accompanied by fruitful season, after eight years of ups and downs of the long tripod, ushered in her eight-year-old birthday. Perhaps eight years of time, in the vast universe is only fleeting meteor, perhaps eight years of years, in the history of the river is only a drop in the ocean, but 8 years time, for the long tripod, but passed A twists and turns accompanied by light, laughter and tears in the long road. Eight years of wind and rain vicissitudes of the road, eight set of journey trekking brilliant, this way came, we had had hardships, had had no choice but a long tripod indomitable, batch after batch of hard sweat into her blood, Tall and straight up her body, let her achieve again and again by leaps and bounds. Today, as a long tripod standing here, we should be proud and proud, let us together for the progress of long trip and applause, let us together for her 8-year-old birthday and cheers. On the occasion of the eighth anniversary, the company arranged a variety of sports competitions, two three feet, tug of war, shooting, table tennis and so on, with different from previous years of birthday for Jiuding started a new page!

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